The Danger of Trying to Prove Yourself to Others

You are too inexperienced. You aren’t ready yet. I don’t think you can do it. You are too weak and small.
Those words cut me deep. Like to the core kind of deep. The kind of words that make you so angry and frustrated at yourself that you cry a little bit and wonder what you are doing trying but also the kind that motivate you to prove them wrong.
I admit I’m TOTALLY NOT a jack of all trades or a master at any of them, and I see that I am full of flaws. I know I need practice to understand. In fact, I am aware that I may never get to be as good as the rest. I lack in several areas.
I was determined to prove them wrong, and maybe, that was their intent to begin with. I’m not sure. But what I am sure about is that I, Emily Cooper, went about the situation the wrong way. Why did I see that I had to prove myself and my worth and my abilities to someone else? My worth and my abilities are not what I can do. They are what God can do through me. I plowed persistently through the situation with more determination than ever to prove a point, but I sadly didn’t think about how God could use my inexperience, lack of abilities, and weaknesses to reflect His power using His weak vessel…ME. I was in the “all about me” mode after the hurtful words sunk in. I honestly didn’t seek God in the situation. I need His strength and not my own. Take your eyes off what you think is wrong with you because God can use it. He can use you…but you need to let Him. Don’t run from His calling. Don’t force yourself where you don’t belong. Let Him use you for all your worth since He’s the ONE Who knows your complete worth in the first place. People will speak hurtful words to your face without thinking. I mean, we all do sometimes. But it’s how you go about reacting to the situation…as in you can either pray about it and ask for God’s strength or you can try to do it by yourself. It is so rewarding when you ask for Him to use you and what you may or may not have instead of doing it yourself. You can’t “climb the ladder” alone.

Author: countrymilefaith

Hey, y'all! I'm Emily, a simple country girl with a BIG love for the Lord, coffee, sunflowers, cooking, and gardening. I graduated from college one year ago in Secondary Agricultural Education, and I am now fulfilling my dream of teaching agriculture to high school and middle school students while also teaching science in the mix. I am happily married to my college sweetheart, Brad, who doubles as my ag teaching partner! We are newly weds, so we are just getting around to starting a farm. As we add animals to the Cooper Fam and complete projects, y'all will be the first ones to know. :) Tator is our sweet Goldendoodle puppy that we consider to be our first child, and he keeps us on our toes all the time. Between the demands of teaching and life, I enjoy writing and encouraging others in their walk with the Lord sticking tidbits of what I experience along this journey in my writing. I hope that you will follow along and that this blog will help your faith grow longer than a country mile!

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