The Cotton and the Farmer

After farmers plant cotton, they spray a defoliator on the plants to knock off the leaves when the cotton bolls are ready to harvest. During the cotton plants’ growth, farmers apply pesticides to kill weeds and bugs from destroying their crop. Most farmers check their crop daily to ensure maximum production. The cotton bolls are taken to a gin where the seeds are separated from the cotton. The cotton is then transported to factories to be made into clothes, furniture, and even money. From there, the plants are tilled back into the soil, and the process starts over. We are the cotton, and God is the farmer. We have to bury our old lives to find life in Jesus Christ, and we need to be willing for God to use us in many different ways for Him to achieve maximum production through us. Our old lives can still be used for good because God tills it up for a Gospel seed to be planted there. Sharing how you used to live and how you live now can be all the dirt God needs to lead someone to salvation. The Holy Spirit urges us to repent of our pest problem that we all know as sin. If we don’t repent and ask for forgiveness, our production will greatly decrease. Our lives won’t be as full, our Gospel seeds cannot be planted, and if we don’t check our hearts and recognize our sin as we should, our nutrition from Word and prayer will be stolen by sin. Just as the cotton seeds are separated from the cotton, God separates us from the rest of the world to be the most widely used fiber that helps hold the world together!

Author: countrymilefaith

Hey, y'all! I'm Emily, a simple country girl with a BIG love for the Lord, coffee, sunflowers, cooking, and gardening. I graduated from college one year ago in Secondary Agricultural Education, and I am now fulfilling my dream of teaching agriculture to high school and middle school students while also teaching science in the mix. I am happily married to my college sweetheart, Brad, who doubles as my ag teaching partner! We are newly weds, so we are just getting around to starting a farm. As we add animals to the Cooper Fam and complete projects, y'all will be the first ones to know. :) Tator is our sweet Goldendoodle puppy that we consider to be our first child, and he keeps us on our toes all the time. Between the demands of teaching and life, I enjoy writing and encouraging others in their walk with the Lord sticking tidbits of what I experience along this journey in my writing. I hope that you will follow along and that this blog will help your faith grow longer than a country mile!

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