Are You Like a Fake Pharisee?

The beignets (pronounced ben-yay) + coffee are as real as it gets at Cafe Du Monde, and it’s hard for anyone outside of this restaurant to mimic their iconic food. The Pharisees remind me of a good lookin’ beignet or cup of coffee but a bad tasting one….
The Pharisees were classified as Jesus’ enemies even though most of the people were deceived into thinking they were “for” Jesus. The Pharisees prayed loudly in the streets and synagogues and wore exquisite and beautiful clothes. They constantly tested Jesus, and they made stupid, impossible laws for people to follow. They waited for someone to mess up to call them out on their sin. This particular group was about bringing glory to themselves and basically, wanted people to worship them. Jesus warned His people to be careful around the Pharisees and not to listen to them. He was quick to tell them when they were wrong and found them to be hypocrites!
The Pharisees were FAKE to the core. Looking at them, they seemed to have it altogether on the outside but their insides were nasty.
The Pharisees also made things public. They always wanted attention. But how much time did they spend with the Lord in private? What did they do that went unseen to the people but not to God?
Everything we do in private will be reflected in public….
praying and handing our burdens to God=peacefulness + rest
asking for forgiveness=released from guilt + shame
reading our Bibles=gained knowledge and wisdom to share
tithing=more blessings
And the list goes on.
It’s not about you. It’s not about us. It’s about God, our Father. Your heart needs that time away from the world and to share private moments with God to live authentically and in a way He wants you to live. Don’t be a Pharisee.


Backsliding is what I call this. I’m a teacher maybe grading papers on a messy desk which only stays clean for one hour tops btw. But you can’t see my heart or where I stand with God and that’s where the backsliding is happening. I am annoyed with myself + feel guilty + am convicted.
I have my reasons for it and excuses but nothing can justify why I haven’t read my Bible in five days. Yeah, five days.
The pattern is very apparent to me. When I don’t stay in the Word like I should, I become easily exhausted and not filled. I run out of fuel, and today, I was running on empty. I am not surprised when I wear out quickly on a week like this week and don’t pick up the Bible once. I should’ve prepared myself for each day and what was to come, but I didn’t do it. I prepared lessons-not myself.
Don’t do what I did this week. It’s so much easier to not set aside time to spend with God because everything else seems to be looming over your head and you want to get it all done. If you can barely function from being exhausted, don’t expect good results. Running around like crazy trying to get everything in order in a chaotic setting was totally me all week & I don’t see how that’s a good example. The truth of the matter is that it wasn’t. It’s really hard to spot Christ in someone’s life if they aren’t spending necessary time with Him. To pour out, we must always be filled up.

Tough Stuff Series

It’s time for the tough stuff. The topics that I will be sharing have been laid on my heart over the past few weeks. These are topics that aren’t necessarily brought up in churches. Before commenting or messaging me if you find something offensive, please find the truth for yourself, and don’t run from conviction. When you are convicted, there aren’t fuzzy feelings, and it’s hard to face the truth. I am not here to offend but to be your friend in Christ! I actually pray that what I write really speaks to your heart. 💕 God disciplines us because He loves us. He is our Father. Keep this in mind.

Tough Stuff #1:

You can’t please everyone, and there will be people who dislike you. It could be because you are saved, they are jealous, they could be holding a grudge from the past, or you looked at them “weird” one time. You have to remember that you are called to lead people to Christ and help gather more disciples. You cannot worry what others think about you. Jesus told his disciples to “shake the dust off their feet” when a city wouldn’t accept Him meaning for them to move on to the next city because they did what they were called to do! (Matt. 10:14) You can’t wallow in negativity and let others’ thoughts weigh you down. When God gives us an assignment, the most we can do is complete it. God will do the rest & give you rest!
So, now…I have a question for ya: are you a people pleaser or a God pleaser? Are you doing what God wants or what people want?
Are you hiding truth from someone b/c you are scared of losing them as a friend? Are you going for the job only b/c someone encourages you but you know it isn’t what God wants for your life? Are you not starting that business or blog b/c “so and so” says you can’t make it work when God is telling you otherwise? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you are a people pleaser. Choosing a person over God is not okay. Christ is the only One Who can fill the empty places in your life and the One Who is directing you. Be a God pleaser! Those people don’t know what’s happening tomorrow, but God does!

Tough Stuff #2:

I’m sure you have said at one point in your life, “Where are you, Lord? Are you listening to me? I don’t feel you here with me.” You aren’t the only one who has felt this way….I’m right there with ya. As David was running from Saul, he experienced this same feeling and wrote it down in song form. We read his songs today in the Book of Psalms. We see him praising God and yet, in others, crying out to God wanting Him to listen or longing for His presence. Why is it that we “feel” closer to God or more distant from God? Faith & trust in Him, y’all.
I’m clicking the rewind button in my brain for a second to make a point. When I experienced the deaths of two important people in my life, I prayed more, read my Bible more, and trusted for God to get me through the rough patches. After healing, burdens and pains were relieved and I was comforted. A traumatic experience seems to push me closer to Christ, and I’ve seen this happen with many people. It is definitely not a bad thing! But then, the praying becomes less, reading the Bible turns to one verse in two minutes a day from a phone screen, and all is well in life because the deep hurt has scabbed over. We then wonder, “Why can’t I feel God like I did before?” I’ve also seen the opposite when people become angry at God for allowing a tragedy to happen, and they ask, “Where is God at a time such as this?” These are both examples of a wavering faith and not completely trusting God.
God doesn’t move away from you. You move away from Him. We are so sinful and being the imperfect humans we are, our fleshly nature keeps us swaying back and forth in our relationship with God. We choose the lies & the sin over the truth. Satan fuels the lie that the tragedy was “God’s fault” or on the opposite side of the spectrum, that “You’re good and don’t need God again until the next major life-changing event.” Be aware that Satan is going to strike you the hardest at your lowest. Consider your relationship with Jesus right now. Is there a difference b/w when you got saved and now? WHY is there a difference?
I bet you moved forward, stayed lukewarm, or fell backwards!

Tough Stuff #3:

The fire alarm went off at a hotel I was staying in at Indy this summer, and we had to evacuate the building. A mall was right next door, so I chose this time to meander to Sephora and “test” their dry shampoos in the store. (Tbh, I just didn’t want to buy a whole bottle of dry shampoo only to throw it away before a flight.😂) The very next day, a chemical spill occurred in the washroom by the lobby of the hotel, and we were evacuated yet again. I was with a group of young women who I quickly became acquainted to, and we decided to go to Starbucks and Old Navy together as fire trucks and police cars barricaded the entrance to the hotel. We decided to embrace the moment and use our time wisely (maybe not our money though, lol).
There are always going to be situations out of our control. We can, however, choose how we react to these situations. We can see it as an inconvenience or an opportunity for growth, change, and/or exploration. People are watching you, and sometimes, they wait for you to mess up. Have you ever noticed that?! Christians are ridiculed and persecuted for everything. People are curious at the joy in our lives, so they keep us on their radar. They want to see if what we have is authentic and something they can hold onto. No, don’t care about what others think of you because we do all make mistakes, but be mindful of the way you are displaying Christ’s love to them, your behavior, your actions, your reactions, and your decisions. Your life could be what leads someone to Christ. I could’ve sat on the curb of the entrance of the hotel, gotten impatient with the hotel management and been rude to them, or ran around to everyone staying in the hotel talking negatively about the experience. I saw it as an opportunity to make friends and use the time for developing relationships with people. Imagine looking at yourself through a lost person’s eyes. What needs to change? How could you have reacted differently and in a more Christ-like manner in some situations?

Why Sunday Will Be Your New Fave Day

When was the last time you RELAXED? Like completely, totally RESTED? If you answered that question and said “I’m not sure the last time I rested” it’s time that you do just that!
When I first married Brad, it took me a long time to understand how to honor the Sabbath Day. I still slip up and do laundry sometimes, but I had to put resting on Sunday into action. He was taught not work on Sunday, and because of that, I chose to start enjoying Sundays with him too. I had to wean myself away from doing lesson plans, vacuuming, and cleaning the house on Sundays. After I started observing the Sabbath Day the right way, it has become my favorite day of the week. I look forward to doing most of my chores on Saturday and cleaning floors on Monday instead. I highly recommend that you begin resting and relaxing on Sundays as well. It has changed my life for the better by allowing me to fill up my cup spiritually, physically, and mentally. Just that one day during the week makes a lot of difference in my work week especially being a school teacher. If God rested during the Creation, shouldn’t we follow His example and rest? Most of us use the excuse of being too busy! It does take some time to shift into honoring the Sabbath Day by resting, but the sooner you start this habit, the more blessed you will be by it because God commands us to honor the Sabbath Day! Before tomorrow gets here, you should plan to spend it resting, going to church to fill up your spiritual cup, and reflecting!

Don’t Swallow

I used to hate Dr. Pepper. Either you just thought I was crazy for never liking it in the first place or you don’t know why I like it now. Over the course of these last 5 years, either I was forced to drink it because there was nothing else or I would try it randomly because one of my roommates absolutely loved it. Even though it wasn’t my favorite drink back in the day, it has slowly turned into my first grab because I was exposed to it & tried it for awhile! The reason I am bringing this up is because I’ve noticed a trend with people in my generation in particular…
Things that we shouldn’t agree with are being thrown at us at all different directions….things that we don’t want to swallow but feel forced to swallow. After so much exposure from being on social media, watching the news, and what have you, I have seen people throwing in the towel on fighting for what’s righteous and Godly. It is disheartening to me, so I wanted to offer a bit of encouragement to y’all who are standing for what’s right and what follows the Bible.
Y’all, we cannot give up on standing up for Jesus and His truth. He lives in us. We need to stop falling into the sinful junk and start making our first grab the Bible instead of our phone. There’s pressure to agree with all the things of this world, but you see, that’s the problem: THEY ARE THINGS OF THIS WORLD. We are supposed to be different from the world. We are supposed to shine Jesus’ light in the darkness and sinfulness of this world NOT FALL CAPTIVE INTO AGREEING WITH WHAT IT HAS TO SAY.
Ground yourself in the truth. Continue to love people. Be kind to others. Express joy. IT’S TIME TO SHINE. And don’t let people or the Devil try to dim it because that’s the goal. ‘nuff said.

The Acne Struggle

I had bad acne in the beginning of college from the food I was eating in our cafeteria, the bad water quality on-campus at the time, & probably hormones. I never left to go anywhere without nothing on my face. In high school, I had great skin and not a single blemish. I would wear makeup every day just because I enjoyed putting it on and liked to play with it. It wasn’t bc I felt like I needed it, but all that changed in college. I found myself looking back to my high school years when my skin would never break out & wondered why I had to struggle with acne NOW. I was so annoyed! I became obsessed over covering up my blemishes and acne to the point that my obsession with it almost controlled my life.
-summer time…no, I can’t go underwater in the pool because my makeup will come off
-mornings…I have to wake up at least fifteen mins earlier to put on my makeup
-while eating…*dabbing carefully with a napkin so I don’t mess up my makeup so no one sees*
Y’all, it was BAD! My skin took a couple years to “clear up,” and even though I still break out from time to time, it was nothing like those first couple of years in college!
I found that I was placing my confidence and identity in makeup instead of Jesus. I was scared of how boys would look at me and that I would get the wrong kind of attention bc of the acne on my face. None of us like acne but if you feel that you HAVE to put on makeup to be beautiful, it means that you are choosing to believe you aren’t beautiful without it. I was placing my looks on such a high pedestal and believing & feeding the lies that I HAD to wear makeup!
No, girl! You don’t HAVE to wear makeup to be beautiful.
Now, I apply makeup still for the fun of it and not bc I feel like it’s a necessity. I catch myself wanting to cover up one stupid little pimple and put on a full face just for that one spot! Ugh! God has been working on changing my perspective about makeup for the longest time now. God looks at the heart & what goes in the heart is reflected on your countenance. If you fill your heart with scripture and truth, then it will show because you are placing your identity in Jesus and God’s Word instead of in makeup!

Be a God-Pleaser

With sweaty palms, I gripped my guitar for dear life as I approached the front of my church. I go to a missionary baptist church where ladies are “supposed to wear skirts,” traditional instruments are typically only used (the piano and organ), and there’s little technology. I had never been so nervous to play and sing with my guitar before. To give y’all some background, I heard from church members (not from my church but others in the same denomination) that playing the guitar in church is wrong because “honky tonk” music can come from the guitar. I had no idea if I was about to walk right into a bee hive. Thankfully, I wasn’t singing by myself and three other girls were singing with me which calmed me down. I started to play, and before I knew it, the song was over. I placed the guitar down and searched the faces of everyone to see their reaction, and when I saw smiles across the building, I knew that this was right. I didn’t do it to please the people in my church, no. I did it to sing praise and worship God. I had no clue how they were going to take it, and I honestly didn’t want to hear criticism, but it was worth trying! My nervousness had melted away as soon as we started singing because I knew that no matter what would be said to me or anyone else afterwards, that it simply DID NOT MATTER!
I let my insecurity keep me from playing for a little while, and when the girls told me they wanted to sing a song to guitar, I got fired up and excited. I love to worship the Lord playing and singing with my guitar & I want to use it all for Him! I’m so glad that I stepped out so others can worship too.
Your church denomination shouldn’t be the reason you hold back. Don’t be afraid to do what people may not expect or may not even WANT. We are supposed to please God only-not people! Playing instruments, doing sign language, singing, dancing…if none of it is done to praise and worship the Lord, then it is done for men and in vain. Share your gifts and talents! God gave them to you to bring glory to Him. ❤️

You Aren’t Just a Number

I will be that person who names every animal we own including the cattle. Rango is our new bull on the farm. Most farmers don’t see a point in naming their cattle because they will either put them up for sale, trade them out, or send them to be slaughtered for food. They usually identify them by their ear tag number and never give them a name. Understandably, it is confusing when a farmer has 300 head of cattle in all the same color and breed…that’s why the ear tag numbers are so important! If one of them becomes sick, they can identify the cow more easily to pull it out from the herd for treatment. But since we are just starting out with only a few cattle, I like names, not numbers.
By 2050, it is predicted that there will be 9 billion people on the earth. Right now, there about 7 billion. God forms us in the womb, fashions us before we are born, and knows all of our names….yours & mine. He doesn’t need ID tags/numbers to know who we are. Even though we are both on this earth with 7 billion other people, He doesn’t just kinda sorta know us…HE REALLY KNOWS US. He knows our every thought, our burdens, our mistakes. The Bible describes Jesus as the good shepherd & us as His sheep.
“I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.” -John 10:11
He takes care of us and gives us life…eternal life if we accept Him as our Savior.
You are not defined by the number of mistakes you make or what kind of mistakes you make. Your mistakes can be cleansed and forgiven. Jesus may know what’s in your heart and the mistakes you’ve made but He also offers to forgive you for what you’ve done. He doesn’t just want to know you, but He wants to have a RELATIONSHIP with you. Sin stands in the way of your relationship with Jesus, but no sin is too big, dirty, ugly. No sin is unforgivable.
But, for real, aren’t you glad we don’t have to wear ear tags? 😅

The Proposal |B+E|

The morning of December 16, 2015, I rolled out of bed feeling that it was going to be SPECIAL. Have you had those days when you just feel like something awesome is going to happen to you but you don’t know what it is? That was me. Other than the fact that it was my 21st birthday, I had a tingly feeling in my stomach that it was going to be more than a normal birthday. I made sure to put on a little more makeup than normal when I strolled off to work that morning and even straightened my hair. I refused to begin my 21st birthday morning looking like a zombie. When I stepped out of my bedroom door, my eyes grew wide at the colored balloons scattered all over the apartment and the Christmas lights that my roommates had ready to surprise me.


I clocked into work and noticed a large cookie cake that said “Happy Birthday!” on it in pink icing from my boss. Of course, I had to take a picture with it before I devoured it along with everyone else coming in to work at the greenhouse.


I realized that my Driver’s License needed to be renewed while I was at work, so I hurriedly clocked out and scurried off to the DMV. After the fastest DMV service I have ever experienced of just 15 minutes, I was granted a brand new sideways license claiming that I was in fact 21 now. The speedy DMV service said it all: today was far from an ordinary day. I returned back to work for a couple more hours, and then, changed clothes for a Christmas party in my class (yes, we still have Christmas parties in college because my college is the best). I grabbed the cake that I baked and skipped to class with a huge smile plastered on my face.Walking into class, I was greeted with “Happy birthdays” from my friends and classmates and happily plopped down in my desk. Brad, my boyfriend at the time (now fiancé), sat in the desk beside me as his designated spot. We were told by the professor that we could start eating when all of my classmates arrived with their dishes. A couple of my friends disappeared out of the class for a few minutes, and when they returned, Kayla, a close friend of mine, was carrying a dozen cupcakes with candles on top and started singing. Being a slightly emotional person (okay, maybe a really emotional person), tears welled up in my eyes. The time I spent on my makeup that morning was the only reason no tears escaped because I thought, “YOU ARE WEARING MASCARA. You can’t do this right now.” In that moment as the entire class and my friends and boyfriend sang to me, I became overwhelmed with gratefulness of the people in my life which you know, explains the tears. I blew out the candles with a wish and thanked them for taking time to do this for me.

Cupcakes in Class

As we were eating the food dishes that everyone brought, Brad moved quickly outside in the middle of his meal for a phone call. I thought nothing of this since he received phone calls from many people all hours of the day. Clouds were forming outside, and rain appeared that it could fall any second. The class started mentioning how it looked as if bad weather was moving in to stay for a little while. Brad returned to his seat with a worried look on his face. I asked him if something was wrong and who called him, and his answer was followed by a nervous smile. I continued eating my meal, and my classmates began leaving one by one with their dishes until it was mainly me, my friends, and Brad left in the classroom with thunder rolling outside. I grabbed my cake and headed downstairs with my friends behind me. I asked Brooke, one of my best friends, if she would curl my hair for me. I told her I wanted to dress up for the date that Brad had planned for us that night, and without hesitation, she said she would gladly curl my hair. Because I was a fresh 21, I desired to look like I was 21 and not any younger which resulted in me choosing a red topped dress with a black polka-dotted bottom and flats. Normally, I NEVER wear a dress on a date, but that day felt beyond special. I wanted for Brad to notice how long I spent on getting ready for the birthday date because to me, it screamed, “I have been waiting for this all day!” Brooke curled my newly cut short hair in about 30 minutes filled with conversation that only the best of friends can have. With one hour and a half left before Brad would pick me up for our date, I decided that since I had nothing else to do, I should spend more time on my makeup. I did basic makeup that morning, but I knew that I could add more to change what he was used to seeing in class on a regular basis. I have no shame saying I spent a full hour on my makeup. Let me remind you that I NEVER do this.


With a half hour of sitting around wondering what I could do and nervously waiting for Brad to pick me up, I finally received the long awaited text message that he was outside of my apartment waiting for me in his truck. I bounced down the stairs to notice that the rain had ceased, and in its place, was a chill in the air. I opened the door to greet Mr. Prince Charming who had changed into nicer clothes for our date. I recognized that he was playing those mushy country love songs which was not out of the ordinary, but I also noticed he was smiling more than usual. He grabbed my hand, and that’s whenever I started asking the same question over and over. “So where are we going?”

“It’s a secret.”

“That doesn’t tell me anything. Where are we going, Brad?”

“You’ll see when we get closer. I was going to change these blue jeans, but these were the only clean ones I had.”

“They look fine, and it honestly doesn’t matter.” (Since when has he ever cared about his clothes around me?)

He drives past the road to go to the movies.

“Can you please tell me where you are taking me? We aren’t going to the movies?”

“No, it’s a surprise.”

“Uhhhhh, okay.”

Then, he passes by all of the nicer restaurants in town.

“Brad, where are you taking me?”

“Okay, so do you remember way back when I carved our names in a tree?”


“Well, I saw this thing on Pinterest where a couple would take a picture by a tree with their names in it every year on their anniversary. I thought that I would take you to the tree I carved, so we could start taking pictures by it.” (Note: TOTAL LIE, but it’s okay)

“Oh! That’s so cute! I like it. I was thinking that we were going to the movies and out to eat or something.”

He turned in on a paved road and entered the gates of Lincoln Parish Park. He paid the lady at the toll booth. Clouds still loomed overhead creating a slightly darker evening than normal at 4:15, but they were beginning to stretch out leaving room for blue sky to peek through them.

“Emily, close your eyes. Do not peek. If I see you peeking, I’m going to blindfold you.”

I shut my eyes tightly and squinted them hard, so he could see I was serious about keeping them closed. “Okay, they’re closed, and I promise, I will not peek.” I felt the truck move over bumps and holes while turning every so often.

“Are your eyes still closed? Don’t make me close them.”

“Yes, my eyes are closed. I’m not looking.” The truck lurched to a stop, and the anxiousness continued to build inside of me.

“Alright, I’m coming around the truck to get you, okay? You can’t open your eyes.”

“Okay, Brad. I’m not opening them.” I started giggling at this point because of how many times he was telling me to keep my eyes closed. The door creaked open, and he repeated the same phrase again but added, “Be careful. It’s kind of wet out here.” He held my hand as he lowered me down from his truck. I started smiling as he led me from the pavement to wet leaves.

“Are we there yet?”

“No, but we are almost there. We have just a little longer to go.” I gripped his hand tightly and his arm with my other hand because I was scared of falling or stepping in a hole. Regardless of that thought going through my mind, I was full of excitement and a billion questions of how he was able to keep anything a surprise from me, but I remained quiet and followed him.

Finally, I heard him say, “Open your eyes.” In front of me, was a large banner stretched between two trees that read “Memory Lane.” It was filled with embarrassing pictures of me and pictures of Brad and I on our many dates that we shared. I leaned on him and held back tears.

First Look

“Oh my gosh, Brad. This is so sweet.” I may have said that approximately ten times throughout the next few minutes, but I think my point was made clear. I focused my attention from beyond the banner to the pathway of pictures hung on trees. I seriously could not believe the amount of time and work that he put into making this for me. He brought my attention back to the banner that was directly above us to transport us back in time.

Checking out pics

We walked underneath the banner to begin our stroll through this memory lane that he created of our time together. The song, “Die a Happy Man” by Thomas Rhett played somewhere in the woods which astounded me as I was trying to find the source of the music when we began walking under the banner. I thought to myself as we were walking to the first tree with a picture in a frame, “Is this what I think it is, or is this just a special birthday surprise?”

walking down lane

We reminisced on each moment hung on a tree. All of a sudden and half-way down the pathway, Brad reaches to his shirt pocket and exclaims, “Oh crap, I uh forgot my phone! Let me go back to the truck and get it. Just wait here.” When Brad turned around and started up the hill to go to his truck, I stood there shivering a little not able to process what was happening other than what I thought might be happening.

Pictures on Tree

I shoved the notion out of mind not wanting to bring my hopes up because he literally told me that he forgot his phone in his truck which is what we needed for a good picture. I watched him slowly step down the hill to meet me again. “Sorry about that.”

“It’s okay.” He grabbed my hand, and we continued our journey down the slippery memory lane. We jumped over a large puddle and approached the pavement. I saw what looked like people under a blanket on a bench in the distance, but I did not think anything of it except that they may be having a romantic moment at the park although I thought it was strange. My brain was scattered, and my thoughts were not coherent at all since my only concern was what was happening to me.

holding my hand

Brad held onto my hand and led me to the last couple of pictures, and then, brought me to a tree overlooking a lake. I turned towards the tree with our names carved carefully into the wood, candles lit on the side of it, and a small piece of paper nailed to the tree below our names that said, “To be Continued…” I reached for the paper and asked if there was anything on it, but when I moved to face Brad, he was down on one knee. I gasped for air, and every single thought left from me. He asked, “Emily, will you continue making memories with me? Will you marry me?”


I hunched over with my hands clasped in front of me looking at the ring sparkling in a black box. I said quietly, “Awwww, yeah!” He slid the ring on my finger, and with that, he stood up to embrace me in a hug.

ring on finger


Now, the funny part about this is that I was wearing red lipstick (once again, extremely rare), so when I kissed him, there was a big, red lipstick print on his lips in which I tried to rub off. I heard the clicking of a camera behind me and saw a bright flash. I turned around and Romeo, Brad’s best friend, stood before me in camouflage holding a camera. I looked past Romeo to see Brad’s mom and dad with the blanket I spotted earlier to tell us congratulations. Then, Hunter, Brad’s brother, emerged from the woods with a video camera. Of course, a couple hundred pictures were taken afterwards. I was excited to say the least, and my heart was beating to a happy rhythm.

Romeo piped up, “Brad, did you really forget the ring?”

He laughed and said, “Yeah, man, but when I told her it was my phone, she believed it.” I laughed so hard when I realized he forgot the ring in the truck instead of his phone.

eye gazing

Once all of the pictures were taken, we returned to Brad’s truck, and I called all of the family I could possibly think of and texted all of my friends as Brad drove us to celebrate at a Mexican restaurant. We stayed in the truck together for 15 minutes calling everyone, and we walked in to the restaurant together as an engaged couple. Brad led me to the back of the restaurant, and when I rounded the corner, I could not believe what I saw: friends from near and far were seated at a large table together waiting for our arrival. Everyone popped out of their chairs to see the ring and wish us congratulations. My roommates, my State Officer teammates, and Brad’s family surrounded me.

ring staring

I was beyond surprised yet again. Brooke planned the surprise party, and she handed me a gift that had “Mrs. Cooper” written on it. Ralynn, another one of my best friends, was there to celebrate with us as well after driving such a long way for us. After I received my plate of enchiladas, had whipped cream slapped on my nose, and had a sombrero put on my head, I concluded that this was the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE.

The magic behind that phrase is that the next “Best Day of My Life” will be when I walk down the aisle in a white dress to my future husband waiting for me.

reg pic

We Can Be a Funnel Cake…

I usually go to fairs & festivals for their food more than anything else (can I get an “amen!”) and my favorite classic fair food is the funnel cake. The batter is literally dumped through a funnel into hot grease which is how it gets its name. As soon as it turns golden and flaky, it is placed on a plate and sprinkled with an endless amount of powered sugar. Much like funnel cake, we go through times of pressure and change our “form.” Our ideas, thoughts, decisions, lifestyle, and habits may change dramatically because of a situation that has caused tension and pressure on our lives. It could be a horrible grade at school, not making a team, a loved one passing away, a diagnosis of some sort, being fired from a job, a relationship ending…these are all examples of being dumped into hot grease for awhile to change us. Life interruptions tend to move us out of our typical, everyday lives to a big adjustment whether it is forever or temporary. We usually don’t understand them when they happen out of the blue, but in a few days, months, or even years, we begin to see why those times of pressure happened. Sometimes, God never reveals to us why some things happen. But, y’all, if you were to reflect on your life a few years ago, how have you changed? What situations made you change into who you are now? I bet they were those “hot grease” type of situations. Did you migrate towards God or did you run away? What did you learn? God never said He wouldn’t give us too much to handle on our own because He wants us to lean on Him during those times so He can handle them for us. The next time you feel like funnel cake batter, look ahead to what the end result will be…more beauty & wisdom sprinkled on your soul. 😉